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Impromptu outing 

So. Whathadhappenedwas I finally had a chance to shoot my grad photos yesterday and somewhat stumbled upon the perfect Sunday Funday. 

If you ever have the chance to visit downtown San Antonio, I suggest The Pearl Brewery area, it’s my absolute favorite place to go. As we were snapping pictures, we noticed there was a farmers market set up as well as live music. We couldn’t resist taking a well needed break to check it all out. 


Turns out, the market sets up shop every Saturday and Sunday, selling yummy goodies and nic nacks. (I’m a sucker for nic nacks) We sampled lots of pastries and yogurts & ran into a little place that sold stuffed patties, which I later found out are called empanadas lol. They were so good! We ordered the “come y calla” and sampled one of the chicken patties. This particular company is based outside of Austin in Dripping Springs if you’re ever in the area. 


Then as we’re walking, we got the pleasure of running into the newly built Hotel Emma. I wish I could have taken pictures of everything, but I would have been there forever. A majority of the food places were closed, but they had the most adorable grocery store inside, Larder. 
I absolutely died. It was the cutest little shop, with mostly local and organic products. Some of the stuff even included things from the farmers market. And right across the hall was a bar/lounge/lobby that was gorgeous! 


We didn’t stay, we ended up finishing up the shoot and eating at GS1221, a place close by, which was also really chill. 

Long story short. Go visit all of these places. You’ll fall in love I promise! 

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