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Sorry for the slight gap in communication! End of semester craziness..

But anyways, I wanted to share my most recent obsessions.

I spend lots of time on Instagram and if you do too then you know that there’s tons of boutiques and shops that have sprung up. (most already established businesses looking for new avenues to share their product) Some of them are a little sketchy, but I’ve found some amazing ones. 

Their pieces are definitely statement pieces. A great way to spice up your look in a simple, but powerful way. I am so in love.


Great place to find cute shoes for a variety of prices. They have so many styles in every color, you can find whatever you need on this website I promise! (sorry if i bore you with black and nude, but they’re my favorite colors lol)


If you’re looking for a new lip color go here! I’ve tried their velvetines and love them. I normally buy cashmere or wicked and both are great. They’re liquid matte color so it’s something different if you’re tired of gloss or a stick.


Until I start obsessing over other things! xoxo

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Mesh or Lace? 

You know how sometimes you have this vision of what you want when you go shopping? And you can never find exactly what you want?

Me three.

So I’ve been wanting a silk, simple, but cute bralet to pair with a nice black skirt, or dress pants. I took the material from a nightgown. Once I construct it and figure out exactly how I want it, I’ll make it from another fabric.

I’m terrible at sketching btw lol. But I’m going for low cut and super sexy. Nothing major.

The skirt I’ll work on after I get done. That’s going to be silk as well. The slit I’m going to make as high as I can and then it’ll meet the top with mesh or lace. Not to sure yet, what do you think?

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Good Idea 

So I had the privilege to be able to sit in on a speech given by the famous poet Nikki Giovani.

Her story is inspirational and her spirit was mesmerizing.

The timing was perfect as she came at a time in the black community where there is a necessity for conversation and discussion. It wasn’t long into her speech when she mentioned that “it is a good idea to be black”

Black people are great people. There is no greater voice than that of our people. She cracked many jokes as she continued on to say that “it’s also a good idea to be a woman”. As women we do life. We breathe life. We face the challenge every day in being oppressed as black, but also being oppressed as a woman. Celebration is a good idea, she said; But ultimately,

Life is a good idea.

It is all about the joy one feels. Considering her story, it makes you realize that it truly is all that matters. She battled lung cancer and underwent surgery that removed 2/3 of her lungs and 2 ribs.

Funny how we see sometime the people going through the worst, feeling the best.

One other thing she said that really hit home is that “Justice is not a business”…”we shouldn’t be able to have billionaires, because that means somebody isn’t getting something”

Can I get an Amen?

How can justice be served when we have those same billionaires dipping their hands in our system. [but who am I?]

She closed with poetry. She also mentioned the name of her new book, “A good cry”, because she realized that a lot of times we don’t get those.

There’s no way this post could summarize all of the impactful words she spoke, but I had to share a glimpse.

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Here it is.

Sorry it took a little longer than expected, but I finally finished my mini project. It was definitely a learning experience taking on a swimsuit, but it turned out great.

In some of the pictures the color looks different, but the material I used was a gorgeous plum, deep purple color. The bottoms I made slightly high waisted and paired it with a simple triangle top.

In making the top I wanted it to be flattering because I know a lot of the times women who are smaller up top have a hard time finding ones that fit. [I have that problem all the time]. I found that the most flattering way to fit a triangle top is to make it a little smaller than the average department store cookie cutter shape. I also made loose straps to make it look more natural.

I’m thinking I can do a Brazilian bottom style in a nude yarn next time. It is by far the most comfortable bathing suit I’ve worn and with this material it rides up a lot less. [A major plus!]

Let me know what you think!




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White Shoes

When I was asked to write about growing as a person, it was almost a confirmation because it is at the forefront in my life. You never stop growing. Even when you’ve gotten to that place you’ve wanted to be.

For me, there was no epiphany or event in my life that sparked this period of growth, but for many there is. If you’ve ever went through a drastic change in yourself, a lot of times there won’t be, it’ll be gradual yet steady. That growth is a meaningful one. Many times we look for fast. Fast can be good, but emphasize the means rather than the end.

What is my growth? I’ve learned patience; to trust the timing of my life. Not to worry. You will get there, so in the meantime enjoy. Sometimes you have to grow in order to get there.

You can have a plan, but don’t let it guide you outside of yourself.

You can change, but don’t stray from your soul.

If you’re wondering why I titled this white shoes, it stemmed from a conversation I recently had with by far the most impactful person in my life when it comes to love. For anyone who has heard the intro to the song “The White Shoes” by Wale I’m hoping you can get to a place of understanding with my interpretation.

white shoes

In my eyes, white shoes reflect yourself, as a person, who you are. We walk around in life wearing our own shoes, black, white, red, [pumps, stilettos or boots] and sometimes they change. But there’s also other variables that stay the same.

When she said “I’m glad you’re sticking with the white shoes…It makes me feel good” that to me means. Although you have changed and grown as a person, you still are the same person. The same person you have always been regardless of your growth.

You have always worn white shoes, so stick with those and let everything else change.

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Soul Searcher


Someone close to me told me I was a soul searcher. At first it sounded so cliché, I almost laughed it off.

& then I realized. It’s true. How privileged am I to be.

What is a soul searcher? Contrary to what people would associate soul searching, it’s quite different.  at least to me.

Soul-Searching; Finding oneself, evaluating oneself, motives, beliefs, etc. It all sounds so routine.

I believe soul searching is about finding your true purpose; finding your meaning of life, a becoming of yourself.

Ever tried to search someone’s soul?

To find their hidden purpose in your life or to help uncover their meaning of life unknowingly to them.

Or to simply be a companion in their journey to themselves.

With everyone that crosses my path, without intention.

Somehow I feel God gives people certain gifts.

I try and show everyone it’s okay to love in this unloved generation we live in.

Not only do I feel the lack of real, untapped emotions nowadays, but too many tampered with, false feelings.

Be open. Be loved. Be happy. Life is too precious.

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In The Spirit…


…of the seasons, I couldn’t help but start thinking about what swimsuits I’m going to be lusting over. I ran across some pictures looking through VOGUE today and I got the greatest inspiration for my next big project.

A lot of times I can’t find quite what style and color swimsuit that fits my body, so I decided to make one!; Inspired by the crochet recently seen on the runway. I learned how to crochet about 3 months ago and have gotten a pretty good handle on it. So I want to create a handmade swimsuit from only yarn.I purchased some bundles of yarn, a deep nude and a very gorgeous plum purple. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, I might utilize both. Maybe use some to make a nice bralet or bustier. I’ll most likely make it into the shape of the white one In the picture above, but the pink is super cute too.

Anyways, I had to share how excited I am. I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress. Wish me luck!

(The swimwear is from Sibling, the white from Spring 2014 collection and the pink from the Spring 2015 Collection. The dress is from Emilio Pucci, Spring 2015 Collection)

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Black Series

I know its Spring, but Black is my favorite color to wear [aside from grey and white]. So before it gets too late I want to share some of my favorites in my closet. All of pieces were altered in some way by me, to create just the look I was going for. Some major, some small. I wish I had taken before pictures, but I started most of these before I created this page. I promise next time!



1. The skirt is one of my favorites. It actually was a huuuge dress initially. and i remember it being a size 12. [I’m a size 6 btw] I wanted to take in the sides and wear it as a dress, but the i got the idea to chop it in half. So I made it into a skirt. Unfortunately there was a zipper all the way down the back, so I had to cut it out and replace it with a snap in the back. It is high waisted and comes to my knees. Really old school and tea party ish.

2. The maxi dress is just a solid black. I bought it from the thrift store and it was originally from Ann Taylor. How could someone let it go, its so cute. It was pretty huge on me at first so i took the sides in all the way down and it fits amazing.

3. Super cute pants. I bought them months ago and only recently got around to fixing them. Not sure what the fancy name for the material, but its almost like a velour fabric just not as shiny. Anyways, they were an XL and boot cut, so I took in the sides and made them skinny. I can’t wait to pair it with maybe a leather top or another fabric type to contrast.

4. The long sleeve dress I bought from Nordstrom Rack. I think it was maybe $10 on sale. Its a sweater material and sooo comfy. Slightly see through, but not too much. To spice it up, I put a long slit on the side that comes a couple inches below my hip.

5. My all time favorite! This dress was so granny. I picked it up at the thrift store and it was actually going to be a practice piece, but ended turning out great. It was a size 16 and I took it down to my size. A couple of the buttons were falling off, I fixed those and then made the slit higher to bring it back into this century. Very old school glam. I’ll probably wear it to a semi-formal or something if it ever comes up.


Shoes that I have bought and not wore. I’m so busy sometimes my babies get neglected, but the semester is almost over and I’ll make use of them. You know how sometimes people say you’re supposed to love all of your children equally? I definitely love my Steve Madden boots just a little bit more. They’re knee high and they make me like 2 inches taller. The pair next to them I picked up from Charloutte Russe so long ago and the last pair I bought new from Platos closet.

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The Launch of Me


Hello All!

I’m so excited about embarking on this journey! I started this blog from the pure want to share my ideas and experiences in the hopes that someone out there could relate. I have found that I am growing, my colors are changing, and my leaves are falling off. I’m a student, trying to find my niche and my passion, I’m sure it will come to me, I don’t worry too much. Many describe me as a free spirit, can’t sweat the small stuff. [life is much more enjoyable that way!]

I have a strong desire to travel. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and as i get older i realize there’s more to this world outside of our borders. Although sometimes I feel like Texas is the only place that exists. So bare with me as I live most of my dreams out on here.

I also enjoy fashion and beauty. I’m not too much into designer this and Chanel that, I more so like to take a garment and create something new from it. I own a sewing machine and do projects often in my free time, even sometimes when I should be doing homework. I’m also a product junkie, so if you’re a person that likes to try new things we’ll get along.

Last but not least. I LOVE TO LOVE. With family, friends, pets, significant others, there is no better feeling in this life than to love. Love and the rest will follow, trust me.

So. This is my long story short. Enjoy!