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Winters Coming!

It technically doesn’t become winter in Texas until December, but it’s never too early to prepare. I wanted to start working on warm clothes that fit my aesthetic. The problem I have in finding winter clothing is I always seem to have to sacrifice one thing for another; Warmth for something cute, or something cute for comfort. So it’s great to be able to have it all! & it’s also hard when you know exactly what you want, but can’t seem to find it anywhere in stores.

So I started with skirts, because those are normally the hardest to find for me personally. Midi skirts are great because they cover majority of your legs. (sometimes I wear leggings underneath…is that weird?) Of course since I don’t like color, I sought out greys and nudes. I picked up a jersey fabric that was perfect for stretch and a snug fit. You can find it at most fabric shops, pretty low cost. I went to Joann’s for something quick and easy. I tried to get a good picture of the skirt itself, it definitely was not cooperating.

I also just made a simple matching band to go around my waist to add a little more umph. For this skirt I’ll actually have to re-do it, the waist ended up being way too big, but I’ll pass it along to someone else. I paired the skirt with the crop top/bra from forever 21, added a trench coat since it was chilly, and wore knee high black steve madden boots. It was super cute, I didn’t end up having time to snap a picture.

Mind you, this is my first garment created from scratch and it came out pretty good. Next, nude! My absolute favorite. I also wanted to create my own New Years and Christmas outfit, so stay tuned.

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My Favorite Show is Back

In case you missed it!


I absolutely love this show. If you missed it, there’s always reruns, but I wanted to share the scoop.

So I always love watching “road to the runway” just because you can really get a sense of the designer’s point of view without all of the distractions and chaos. You also get to know them personally.

Here are my favorites based off of past work, design style, & aesthetic:

Lindsey Creel


Amanda Perna


Gabrielle Arruda


Here are my favorites from the runway show from the first episode. Some of my initial faves let me down, but I liked these:


Merline Labissiere (She made it in the top)


Ashley Nell Tipton (She won best look for the week!)


David Giampiccolo (He was safe)

Needless to say I’m excited about this season. I won’t bombard you guys will recaps from every episode, but I’ll definitely update you on my favorites throughout. Comment if you have any feedback!

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 Wanted to share my most recent pickups! 

I had to switch up my whole makeup routine when I found out the combination of products weren’t working for me anymore. 

A lot of times lifestyle or seasonal changes tend to impact how well certain things will work. So I completely switched it up. 
So. First I added Makeup Forever Mattifying Primer. I chose this one because I have extremely oily skin, so it’s always recommended that I get something that will help control it. (It reminds me of the Becca primer I used to use). 

I also added a new foundation. I’ve been trying to find a new one for weeks. It’s the ultimate struggle for anyone who wears makeup. But..I found one that is perfect for me and I’m so excited about it. It’s full coverage Amazonian Clay Foundation from Tart. It’s a very good balance between a thick and light texture. It definitely covers very well, but without feeling cakey like Kat Von D. One thing I did notice is that the undertones are less orange or pink so it matches my skin tone perfect. I had bever heard of this brand before it was mentioned to me, so if you haven’t tried it I give my seal of approval. 

Laura Mercier has this Mattifying Finishing Powder that I also bought. Turns out I was using a setting spray when I should have been using a powder for oil control. It lasts almost all day & when I notice a little shine I touch up and it looks like I just put my makeup on. It was probably the best thing I could have picked up. 

The Natural Palette I’ve actually had for awhile I just never used. I don’t hardly wear eyeshadow (mostly because I never have time), but they were surprisingly really great. I bought it from Forever 21 because I liked the nude colors. Almost any eyeshadow will work as long as you have a great primer underneath. I use Mac’s paint pots and it’s the best one in my opinion you could buy. 

Until next time guys! Xoxo

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Sorry for the slight gap in communication! End of semester craziness..

But anyways, I wanted to share my most recent obsessions.

I spend lots of time on Instagram and if you do too then you know that there’s tons of boutiques and shops that have sprung up. (most already established businesses looking for new avenues to share their product) Some of them are a little sketchy, but I’ve found some amazing ones. 

Their pieces are definitely statement pieces. A great way to spice up your look in a simple, but powerful way. I am so in love.


Great place to find cute shoes for a variety of prices. They have so many styles in every color, you can find whatever you need on this website I promise! (sorry if i bore you with black and nude, but they’re my favorite colors lol)


If you’re looking for a new lip color go here! I’ve tried their velvetines and love them. I normally buy cashmere or wicked and both are great. They’re liquid matte color so it’s something different if you’re tired of gloss or a stick.


Until I start obsessing over other things! xoxo

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Mesh or Lace? 

You know how sometimes you have this vision of what you want when you go shopping? And you can never find exactly what you want?

Me three.

So I’ve been wanting a silk, simple, but cute bralet to pair with a nice black skirt, or dress pants. I took the material from a nightgown. Once I construct it and figure out exactly how I want it, I’ll make it from another fabric.

I’m terrible at sketching btw lol. But I’m going for low cut and super sexy. Nothing major.

The skirt I’ll work on after I get done. That’s going to be silk as well. The slit I’m going to make as high as I can and then it’ll meet the top with mesh or lace. Not to sure yet, what do you think?

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Good Idea 

So I had the privilege to be able to sit in on a speech given by the famous poet Nikki Giovani.

Her story is inspirational and her spirit was mesmerizing.

The timing was perfect as she came at a time in the black community where there is a necessity for conversation and discussion. It wasn’t long into her speech when she mentioned that “it is a good idea to be black”

Black people are great people. There is no greater voice than that of our people. She cracked many jokes as she continued on to say that “it’s also a good idea to be a woman”. As women we do life. We breathe life. We face the challenge every day in being oppressed as black, but also being oppressed as a woman. Celebration is a good idea, she said; But ultimately,

Life is a good idea.

It is all about the joy one feels. Considering her story, it makes you realize that it truly is all that matters. She battled lung cancer and underwent surgery that removed 2/3 of her lungs and 2 ribs.

Funny how we see sometime the people going through the worst, feeling the best.

One other thing she said that really hit home is that “Justice is not a business”…”we shouldn’t be able to have billionaires, because that means somebody isn’t getting something”

Can I get an Amen?

How can justice be served when we have those same billionaires dipping their hands in our system. [but who am I?]

She closed with poetry. She also mentioned the name of her new book, “A good cry”, because she realized that a lot of times we don’t get those.

There’s no way this post could summarize all of the impactful words she spoke, but I had to share a glimpse.

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Here it is.

Sorry it took a little longer than expected, but I finally finished my mini project. It was definitely a learning experience taking on a swimsuit, but it turned out great.

In some of the pictures the color looks different, but the material I used was a gorgeous plum, deep purple color. The bottoms I made slightly high waisted and paired it with a simple triangle top.

In making the top I wanted it to be flattering because I know a lot of the times women who are smaller up top have a hard time finding ones that fit. [I have that problem all the time]. I found that the most flattering way to fit a triangle top is to make it a little smaller than the average department store cookie cutter shape. I also made loose straps to make it look more natural.

I’m thinking I can do a Brazilian bottom style in a nude yarn next time. It is by far the most comfortable bathing suit I’ve worn and with this material it rides up a lot less. [A major plus!]

Let me know what you think!




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