I have been waiting to share my experiences on my recent trip! I went for business so I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to wander the city, but I made the most of my time. Being from Texas I was completely in awe at the amount of snow that was on the ground, it’s still pretty warm in San Antonio. I stayed at the Hilton [one of many there] and it was beautiful. As you can see the buildings are gorgeous, a much different architectural build than what I’m used to seeing.


The first night I was there, finding familiar food I realized was out of the question. There were much more local restaurants and businesses than big chain restaurants. [so no Whataburger for me] There was a place about 2 blocks from the hotel called Lauriol Plaza that in passing people would mention. The concierge described the food as a mixture between seafood and Hispanic food. Sounded good enough for me, I was starving. It was delicious! I ordered tamales and Enchiladas, if you want a recommendation. The atmosphere was so laid back, the menu had great options, and the people seemed to be be enjoying themselves.


I also had the privilege of visiting Chinatown. I was blown away by everything, mostly the buildings, because they were so unique. I didn’t have the chance to eat a any local places while i was there, but every place I’d ask about would have great reviews. If you plan on going to DC any time soon, you have to visit this part. I hope to go back again, to explore all of the places I didn’t have the chance to.


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  1. I loved Lauriol Plaza when I went there too! DC has some amazing restaurants, so you really will have to go back one day! Thanks for dropping by Jules Told me and liking my Vietnam post – hope to see you again some time, and enjoy your future travels.

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